First Post!

I spent a lot of time wondering how to start blogging: What would be a nice, snazzy first post? Finally, I gave up and decided to go with a basic “Who-am-I?” type post. So let’s just jump right in with my introduction.

I am Navneet Sankara, a student of Electrical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai (India) living in Godavari Hostel. I am currently working on my Masters Project on Wireless Network Coding. I hail from Kerala, India.

I am passionate about a lot of things in Math, Science, Engineering, Programming, Economics, Philosophy, Jurisprudence, Psychology, Music and the list goes on. I also intend to pursue research in one or more of the above topics for the rest of my life. This explains the name of the blog and is a good indicator of what kind of topics are going to be dealt with in future posts.

I’m an incredibly lazy guy, between bursts of enthusiastic workaholism. This is something that followers of my blog, few as there may be, are going to find hard not to notice.

I will frequently blog about conversations I have with my friends. In order to protect their privacy, I’m going to use “pseudo-nick-names”. People who know them will easily identify them. But I’m afraid the others may only know these wonderful guys through this blog. Some of these names are Bah-Stud, Yetti, Corns-Tea etc.

Well, there’s little else to say right now. I guess you’re going to get to know me through this blog anyway, so I’m going to keep the rest for surprises along the way.